Why Donate to WILPF Now?


NOW is the time for WILPF to regenerate itself and rededicate itself to creating a meaningful presence in and strong voice for change in communities across America.  


Wendell Berry said that.  It’s SO true! Our very democracy, our human rights and our Constitutional rights are being attacked and diminished.  Our resources – our water, clean air, our biodiversity, the health of our soil, the life-giving nutrients in our food – are being threatened and privatized.  Our “Common Wealth”, so pivotal in the tapestry of life, is being divided up and sold off among a small minority of very wealthy profiteers

We can let that happen or we can organize …  We need both organized people AND organized money.

Why make a meaningful contribution to GROWING WILPF instead of any of the myriad of excellent and important charities and organizations constantly asking for your support?  WILPF transcends political parties.  It works on the root causes of conflict and war, including human rights, democracy, the environment.  We have the power to organize and empower women to make a difference in their communities.

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We urge you to look at the CAMPAIGN GOALS to see the strategy we plan for the funds you donate to our GROWING WILPF Capacity Campaign.  

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