Start a New WILPF Branch

Start a new WILPF Branch right there where you live!
Nothing can empower women like other women.

  • Maybe you are reading our website and wishing there was a branch close to you.   (A list of our branches is right HERE.)
  • Maybe you are an At Large Member of WILPF, looking for like-minded women to support you and the causes you care so much about.
  • Maybe you see how a WILPF branch might work on local issues right there in your community…. if only there was one!

Don’t just wring your hands… DO something!  Do WILPF!         There won’t be a cavalry arriving to save the day.  There won’t be a guru descending from on high to help your community free itself from issues like fracking, pollution, special interest groups, racism or attacks on workers.

But working with allies, YOU can make a difference, and WILPF can help.

Here is the information on Branches and Groups, from the WILPF-US bylaws (Feb 2015):

A.  All subdivisions of WILPF – local groups and branches, geographical areas and clusters, state branches, issue committees, and Board standing and ad hoc committees – shall be governed by the International Constitution and the US Section Bylaws and Principles & Policies.

B.  Three or more WILPF members may function as a WILPF group. One member shall be the mailing contact/liaison with the wider organization. Groups will receive branch mailings and can function in WILPF’s name in accordance with established policies.

C.  WILPF Branches

1. Ten or more WILPF members may form a branch.
2. All branches must follow the guidelines included in the Protocol for NationalBranch Relations, adopted by the National Board and regularly provided to branches. By following the guidelines, a branch qualifies as being in good standing.
3. Only branches in good standing may use the WILPF name in any of their publications or operations.
4. Branches in good standing are additionally eligible for certain benefits, as determined by the National Board.

D.  WILPF groups and branches may cooperate in state education and action, and may also meet in geographical clusters.

If you would like to know more about starting a WILPF branch in your community, contact us!  

We’ve been helping women JUST LIKE YOU organize and activate for 100 years!