Campaign Budget

You weighed in.   We listened.

The priorities for this campaign are clear, thanks to members who let us know what was most important to them.   To keep WILPF vibrant and relevant for the next 100 years, we need Better Technology: a good overhaul of our communication and donor software and our website.  We need to invest in Program and Mission, so that we are putting our resources where our passion is… into action as well as education.

We have commitments to Support International that go back 100 years.  As one of the wealthiest Sections of an international sisterhood, it is our duty and our mission to support International WILPF in peacemaking and women’s rights.

And we must invest in Capacity Building that strengthens our branches, rebuilds them and helps them recruit new members.  We want to reach out significantly to our At-Large-Members too, and encourage them to more visibly represent WILPF in their community and consider working with like-minded women to start new branches and attract younger, more diverse members.

The world still needs WILPF’s strong voice for peace.                                                               Achieving these goals will help make sure we remain strong. 


Information Technology 130,000
Programs 446,000
Centennial 75,000
Capacity Building 239,500
Support for International 109,500
GRAND TOTAL 1,000,000