Growing WILPF Campaign

Once every hundred years or so, an organization stops to take stock of where they’ve been, where they are, and how they want to move forward. WILPF has a remarkable legacy behind us. It’s time to build for the future.

Staying vibrant means

  • adding new, more modern technology,
  • building better communication inside and outside the organization,
  • investing in training,
  • strengthening our branches,
  • amplifying the work of our members, and
  • educating the public for a more informed and vibrant civil society.

We have a long way to go, and we need your support to get there!


“Everything we love is under attack”

— Environmentalist Poet Wendell Berry

Berry is right.
We intend to work together to change the story, affect substantive change, and raise hope for a more peaceful future. Our peaceful way forward honors the Precautionary Principal, the role of women in decision-making, human rights, economic justice and works to create a democracy that works for all of us.

The world still needs WILPF’s strong voice for peace.
We want to be around for another 100 years:
a safe place for peace-makers
for empowering women’s voices
organizing for change
and sharing the strength we find in solidarity.

We want our daughters, granddaughters… our brothers and sons too,
to be able to work within the framework that is WILPF
to address the root causes of war and stand for peace.

We are growing WILPF now,
for all the peace-building that is yet to come.

DONATE TODAY. Be a part of our future.