Give A Donation To Honor A Friend or Mentor

Throughout our lives there are so many strong, feisty, wise men and women who inspire and guide us.

It’s possible to honor them for personal milestones like Birthdays, acknowledging awards they receive, their retirement, or other special moments by donating to a cause that is close to their hearts… Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom.

You can even donate in their honor as a holiday gift.

WILPF will send an attractive acknowledgement card to them, to let them know of your thoughtfulness and generosity.

When friends and mentors pass away, it’s also possible to honor their memory or mark the anniversary of their deaths with thoughtful gifts to WILPF.  You can put your ‘treasure’ where their hearts and values were, where they labored for so much of their lives.


We can walk you through the process.  Contact us and we’ll make sure it is handled in a timely way.