Share your passions so we can find a place for you in WILPF-US!

Which of our 7 Issue Committees (below) speaks to your heart and calls you to ACTION?

1- Earth Democracy – for more info contact Nancy Price at 

  • Climate Justice+Women+Peace
  • Fracking
  • Food Security
  • Human Right To Health & Safe Food Campaign
  • Closing Coal Plants
  • Water Quality & Water Privatization

2- Corporations v Democracy – for more info contact Marybeth Gardam at

  • Getting big money out of our elections
  • Educating about how corporate rights and profiteering threaten our democracy
  • Advocating against the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement.

3- Cuba & The Bolivarian Alliance – for more info contact

  • Bringing educators and activists from Cuba to speak to America
  • Working with activists to protect their rights
  • Learning from innovative constitutional and governmental changes in the Global South.

4- The Middle East – for more info contact  

  • working to bring all stakeholders to the table in order to advance a lasting peace.

5- Advancing Human Rights – for more info contact

  • Human trafficking
  • Refugees
  • Civil rights and building the Beloved Community
  • The militarization of our police departments.

6- DISARM/End Wars – for more info contact Ellen Thomas at

  • Abolition of  nuclear weapons and the entire nuclear chain, from uranium mining on sacred Native American lands to closing old nuclear energy plants leaking radiation into our earth and water systems
  • Advocating for small weapons treaties and against escalated weapons trading.
  • Working against drone warfare
  • Advocating to Keeping Space 4 Peace
  • Shifting wasteful defense spending to a green economy.

7- Immigration Reform – for more info contact

  • addressing the human and policy needs for  just and sensible US immigration.

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