How We’ll Get There…

Raising money has never been a focus for WILPF-US  … Instead we’ve always focused on ‘the work’, the issues about which we are passionate!  

Today we are setting ourselves a huge challenge.  We’ll need your help to achieve it.

We plan to raise

as part of our GROWING WILPF! Capacity Campaign.

The good news is that we are more than halfway to our goal, thanks to the generous pledge of two of our long time members.
It’s up to all of us to raise the rest and we’re asking you to put your treasure where your heart is!

We will use these dollars to provide:

  • More Support for our Branches to organize and work more effectively in their own communities.
  • A Stronger Visibility in the world to amplify our message and maximize the efforts of our members.
  • More Vibrant Program Goals that resonate across branches, states and nations.
  • Training Opportunities to strengthen our membership and provide a gateway to leadership for younger more diverse women.
  • Additional Resources for Education among our members and ultimately through them to the public.
  • More funding for the Mini-Grants our Branches and Issue Committees use for specific projects.
  • More Efficient Communications within WILPF, uniting members, branches, Issue Committees, National and International, along with our United Nations programs.

We hope to raise as much as we can during our Centennial Year, 2015.  But realistically, we will continue to raise this money till we meet our goal.

We invite the public to invest in our future, because non-partisan Progressive organizing is increasingly necessary.

We invite our branches to make group donations, because they will be the strongest beneficiaries of our new technologies.

We invite our allies to contribute in-kind and financial donations, because WILPF has a history of ‘being there’ for other peace organizations. We are the ‘people who show up’, at rallies, lectures, protests, strikes and fundraisers.

We need YOU to stand with us now.   Consider joining our Growing WILPF Committee to help us find friends and funds!  Click HERE to get started!

Our DONATE page offers lots of alternative ways to give.